Paper prices soared across the United States in Ma

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U.S. paper prices soared nationwide in May

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in May, the price of mixed paper, OCC and other grades of fiber in the United States rose, and OCC rose to more than $100 per ton

the average price of corrugated boxes in the United States rose again this month, currently about $107 per ton, compared with $73 per ton last month. The price in April was 62% higher than that in March

a year ago, the transaction price of OCC was about $32. The last trading price of OCC exceeded US $100 per ton in November 2017, when the average price was also US $107 per ton, and it has the advantage of avoiding the fluctuation of extrusion pressure caused by the fluctuation of plastic temperature unmatched by other ports

classified household paper rose by $10 to $15 per ton. Due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, the current transaction price is between $20 and $25, with an average of $23 per ton

at present, the national average price of mixed paper is $12 per ton, compared with minus $2 per ton in the same period last year

the transaction price of classified cultural paper is between 180 and 190 US dollars per ton, with an average of 184 US dollars per ton. This is higher than the average of $132 per ton last month

these prices are described in the secondary material pricing (SMP) index. This price represents the price paid for recyclable materials after consumption in the form of packaging in most major recycling centers

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