Paper prices rose steadily in November

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Paper prices rose steadily in November

since November, the international pulp prices priced in US dollars have continued to rise, while the prices of coniferous pulp and broad-leaved pulp priced in euros have rebounded. The import price of waste paper has increased significantly. As the price is CIF, the change of international shipping price has a greater impact on the price change of wood pulp and waste paper, especially the low price of waste paper itself, and the rise of shipping price has a greater impact on it

the prosperity of the paper industry can be maintained until the middle of next year. During this period, individual stocks will be stimulated by the rising prices of products

constrained by the control of investment scale in the previous two years and the closure of small paper mills with substandard emissions, prices of many products were raised intensively in the third quarter. UL is a world-renowned company independently engaged in safety science, including writing paper, double offset paper, white cardboard, copper coated paper, etc., all of which have increased by about 500 yuan/ton. Since October, except for the small increase in the price of white cardboard, other paper types have remained basically stable. Corrugated paper and box board paper increased slightly. The price of coated paper is still strong, and the sanctions imposed by the United States on China have little effect. On the contrary, the number of coated paper exported by China to the United States has increased significantly. However, the price trend of paper in the second half of the year is likely to be lower than expected due to the decline in the price of international paper trade and the thinning of export profits, resulting in a reduction in the number of exports

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although the performance of many paper companies in the third quarter was lower than expected, they still achieved the reduction of packaging materials and were optimistic about the growth of many companies in the fourth quarter

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