Paper prices in the hottest paper industry rose mo

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Paper prices in the paper industry generally rose moderately this week

copper paper: prices of all brands rose across the board (for example, kites rose from 6000 yuan/ton to 6300 yuan/ton, an increase of 5.0%)

double offset paper: the price will remain stable this week (for example, the price of UPM is yuan/ton)

paper: North American paper rose this week. The European market fell back. The North American paper (30lb) price index was 467.58, up $5.24 from last week, and the paper (27 lb) price index was 497.58, up $5.33 from last week. The European paper price index was 513.20, down $0.31 from last week

whiteboard: the prices of some brands have increased (Changjiang rose from yuan/ton to yuan/ton, an increase of 3.7%)

white cardboard price: the price of some brands has increased (for example, Bohui has increased from yuan/ton to yuan/ton, with an increase of 3.33%)

European market: due to the economic recovery, the price of packaging paper has rebounded. The price index of kraft paper for noodles this week was 385.89 euros, up 0.33 euros from last week. The price index of ordinary carton board (secondary) this week was 307.57 euros, up 5.53 euros from last week. The company transferred its development direction to the field of new materials related to the photovoltaic industry. The weekly price index was 271.17 euros, up 7.02 euros from last week

wood pulp Market: the price fell this week. Broad leaved pulp: this week, bukuo, goldfish and longpai increased by -3.8%, 0% and -2.0% respectively

needle pulp: Black needle, cloth needle, silver star, Beimu, moon and kailipu increased by -1.9%, 1.9%, 0%, 0%, 1.0% and 1.0% respectively

waste paper Market: the price rose this week, and the daily waste 3 #, 8 #, 11 # increased by 0%, 1.85%, 1.31% respectively; American waste 8 # and 11 # increased by 1.14% and 1.82% respectively to prevent dust from falling into the machine; A2 softmixed (European goods), UK OCC and A2 softmixed (British sources) increased by 1.4%, 8.11% and 0%

fatigue test can be done (American Standard)

only a few fabrics are completely suitable

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