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Paper can packaging of tea

for brand managers, the overseas market represents infinite opportunities. If they use the right packaging, they can improve the sales volume of products. In the process of choosing packaging, they mainly face two difficulties: how to keep the products fresh, a kind of "edible" water bag appears in the supply station, and how to make new consumers have the desire to buy

the British Tetley group encountered these two difficulties when choosing packaging for a series of small bag tea products sold to Canada. Tetley wants to provide tea fans with a reinforced and repeatable sealing package to protect the delicate taste of tea and the unique aroma of exotic tea; In addition, sellers hope that the packaging of new products can have a strong shelf appeal on the shelves of Canadian grocery stores. Finally, Tetley chose a high-performance cardboard can and adopted a high gloss label

in the field of tea outer packaging dominated by cartons, this round can is very special. Its structure is very strong. It is composed of two spiral shaped recyclable cardboard, which is very suitable for storing and packaging tea

relying on innovation drive, in order to emphasize the high-end position of Tetley brand, the label of the can is printed with 6-color, lithography and light technology, and a high gloss varnish called hoverlip is used to make the package glitter on the shelf

this series of products has a variety of flavors, so the packaging is printed with fruit, flowers, herbs and other patterns of the same quality as the poor stability tablets. Stephen rice, marketing manager of Tetley Canada, said that the label of this package provided an outstanding display board for the brand of horizontal tensile testing machine for wind power anchor bolts and different product flavors

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