Tyco Electronics launched a new label printer

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Driven by the demand for new energy vehicles, Tyco Electronics launched a new label printer

recently, Tyco Electronics announced the launch of a new te3112 printer with high performance and intermediate recognition rate when turning to the vertical position, which supports high-quality printing of heat shrinkable sleeves, cable labels and labels. The product has many key features, such as the alignment of the center of the printing medium, the simplification of the replacement operation of the printing medium and the ribbon, and the automatic calibration

the new printer product is not only compact and light, but also can output clear text, graphics and bar codes through the 300 dpi print head. Te3112 printer has an adjustable output sensor, which can print out a variety of finished products, suitable for various commercial and industrial environments. In addition, the printed products can be applied to small labels and 2.4mm heat shrinkable sleeves

12. Host size: about 950*350*370mm. The new printer product can support the width of printing media up to 105.6mm, and the maximum printing speed can reach 100mm/S (the recommended speed is 30mm/s). Moreover, te3112 printer is compatible with wintotal (version 4.9 or later) and pep-5 version 3 suite and other advanced printing plastic recycling software, which also limits the recycling willingness of enterprises

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