The first batch of DRGs delivered by Kalmar to Chi

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Kalmar delivers the first batch of DRG in China to Guizhou kaiphosphorus group

Kalmar delivers the first batch of DRG in China to Guizhou kaiphosphorus group

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Kalmar delivers the first batch of DRG in China to Guizhou kaiphosphorus group. This order has been recorded in Cargotec's order in the second quarter of 2016. The order includes two Kalmar drg450 front cranes, and the equipment is planned to be delivered in June

Guizhou kaiphosphate Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd., established in 1958, is the largest underground phosphate rock mining enterprise in China. In 2015, kaiphosphorus group produced 7.75 million tons of phosphate rock, 3.74 million tons of chemical fertilizer and 570000 tons of synthetic ammonia (including alcohol) in the whole year, realizing a sales revenue of 36.5 billion yuan. After the delivery of the two DRG front cranes, kaiphosphorus group will have six Kalmar equipment, including five container front cranes and one empty container stacker. The new equipment will be used in Guizhou kaiphosphorus fertilizer Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guizhou kaiphosphorus holding (Group) Co., Ltd

Guizhou kaiphosphate 3. Open the main interface of fatigue testing machine software. As the price of plastic chemical raw materials rises with the development of economy and the mining site, the chemical fertilizer Co., Ltd. is located in the chemical fertilizer industrial park. The operating environment is relatively poor and can be used for QS certification of food packaging. It has high requirements for the safety and quality reliability of container logistics storage and transportation equipment. The typical transportation mode of railway input/delivery containers requires the train to complete loading and unloading within the specified time, so as not to delay the train scheduling or delay the loading (export) time. Therefore, the equipment needs to have good stability and reliability to ensure the normal operation of production

Zhang Shu, Secretary of Guizhou kaiphosphorus fertilizer Co., Ltd., said: "over the past ten years of cooperation with Kalmar, Kalmar's equipment has been safe, reliable and trustworthy, and its concept of safety, energy conservation and green environmental protection also coincides with us."

Kalmar DRG front crane is unique. This part of consumer demand shows rigid EDM ecological driving - powerful, conventional and economic modes can be freely switched according to the tonnage of moving goods, fuel economy and overall operation cost, providing the maximum production output, saving about 20% of fuel consumption at most, and occupying significant advantages in total cost of ownership, energy conservation and environmental protection. The good stable and reliable performance of the equipment ensures the maximization of productivity. In addition, the front crane delivered this time has joined the Chinese operation interface for the first time. For the Chinese market, it is more localized, closer to the actual needs of customers and easier to operate

Pan Yun, head of Kalmar China South China operation center, said: "Guizhou kaiphosphorous group is an important customer of Kalmar in central and Western China. We are very proud and happy to provide Guizhou kaiphosphorous group with the first batch of DRG front cranes of Kalmar in China, which fully reflects the customers' recognition for the stability, reliability and technological innovation of Kalmar products. Kalmar will continue to make technological innovation and provide customers with equipment with low operation cost and high production efficiency."

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