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Hong Kong media: drugs plus power is absolute corruption. Drug related officials do not eliminate the scourge. China

Hong Kong business daily article on November 18, original title: China will be deep if China's drug-related "Drug Officials" do not eliminate the scourge! Official drug abuse is spreading at the grass-roots level, and the phenomenon of "Drug Officials" recently disclosed by the time division body, which has increased the media gap or deteriorated the processing accuracy, is hurting the public's nerves. According to the drug control brigade of Hengyang County Public Security Bureau, the 61 drug-related officials recently investigated and dealt with include Party and government officials from the county government office, transportation administration bureau, agriculture bureau, land and Resources Bureau, housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, construction and Engineering Bureau, Water Conservancy Bureau, people's Hospital, traditional Chinese medicine hospital and other units. What is more eye popping is that some officials openly take drugs, which has a bad impact on the masses

The article says that people have seven emotions and six desires, but generally, human desires will be restricted and regulated by rationality. However, once they are involved in drugs, they will have extreme toxic desire. Toxic desire is a morbid super desire, which will drive people to choose their hands. 2. Building construction machines and tools to obtain satisfaction. If the rich are involved in drugs, they will be ruined. If the poor are involved in drugs, they can destroy all the remaining shame and cheat, steal, rob and sell themselves; Officials involved in drugs will destroy all the constraints of Party discipline and state laws on power

drug abuse costs a lot. It is almost impossible for Chinese officials to rely on normal wages to support their desire for drug abuse. So where does the drug money come from? In the case that the poison desire destroys the reason, selling power is the inevitable choice of only unqualified products. From the perspective of legal logic, although officials, like any ordinary people, must pay attention to legal evidence whether they are suspected of committing a crime, from the perspective of life logic, drug abuse officials must be suspected of corruption. In other words, corrupt officials do not necessarily take drugs, but drug taking officials must be corrupt. This can be summed up from numerous cases of "Drug Officials" such as "drug governor" and "drug mayor"

it is necessary to implement "one vote veto"

therefore, the article believes that drugs plus power is equal to absolute corruption. With the emergence of the phenomenon of "Drug Officials", the destructive effect of "Drug Officials" on public power and society will be amazing. From the current grim reality, it is necessary to amend the civil service law, and implement the "one vote veto" for drug addicts. As long as drug addicts are found, they will be directly removed from the party and government organs. The first step is to keep drugs away from public power. This is like firefighters fighting forest fires. First of all, they will draw a separation zone for public power. If there is no stop, they will suffer a lot

analysis indicates that the history of the two Opium Wars tells us that drugs almost destroyed the whole Chinese nation. One of the sources of suffering in modern China is drug opium. More than 170 years may have diluted the trauma, and the scourge of modern drugs has been ignored with a sigh

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