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Pharmaceutical enterprise Biogen improves customer service through AI based text analysis system

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cti Forum () news on September 18 (compilation/Lao Qin): lexalytics is a supplier of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It announced to cooperate with Biogen Japan Ltd to create a system to answer patients and media faster and more accurately, Questions from doctors and other members of their medical information department (MID). The semi customized application utilizes lexalytics pharmaceutical industry package to combine machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) with natural language processing (NLP) to immediately understand the conditions, drugs, diseases or problems required by ingredients and provide appropriate responses

when Biogen customers call mid, the agent shall provide timely and accurate response. In order to achieve this goal under the current system, agents can access the FAQ database, product information manuals and other resources. If the attendant cannot answer the caller within one minute, the call will be escalated to the medical supervisor, which is expensive for Biogen and frustrating for the caller. By combining machine learning and keyword search in a unified platform, lexalytics aims to reduce the average call time without sacrificing the response quality, reduce the number of calls that need to be transferred to the medical supervisor, and integrate different institutional knowledge sources and databases to make them available throughout the organization

the new lexalytics system uses the proprietary data of Biogen Japan Ltd for training, including receipts from call records, product information manuals and internal FAQ documents. Although the system is currently being tested in a call center environment, Biogen believes that it is expected to use a spring change tester at all contact points to test the torque and other mechanical properties of spring components, whether it is email, social media, chat robot or doctor's desktop. The initial prototype system represents the cooperation across all channels. It will take about one month to develop. It is expected to be fully put into production by the beginning of 2020. Given the complexity of Japanese, Biogen and lexalytics are confident that this pilot will succeed and can be replicated elsewhere, regardless of language and geographical location

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