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Recently, a new product dg968h loader of Degong was sold out by customers just after it was produced. Generally speaking, customers will slowly accept the launch of new products after they have been promoted for a period of time. Why is this German 968h "robbed" as soon as it is produced? After careful analysis, there is a lot of information. First, let's take a look at some key words of 968h:

dg968h loader of Degong

key words 1: ZF fixed axle electric control transmission

ZF fixed axle electric control transmission with advanced technology and stable performance is adopted, with good power matching and stable movement; Speed selection of four gears forward and three gears backward makes operation more powerful and advance and retreat smoothly. It also has the function of forced KD shift, and the operation is light, accurate and safe. With neutral start protection function, the vehicle is safer. Gear locking function, safe and reliable driving and operation

when users use the coal produced and loaded by Degong 968h, they move forward and backward frequently, with consistent actions and almost no pause time. The user is very satisfied with the ease and high efficiency of operation

keyword 2: extended wheelbase

extended wheelbase 3400mm, which not only ensures excellent site adaptability and flexibility, but also ensures super operation stability; Overweight chassis design makes heavy-duty operation more stable

reinforced drive axle. The rear drive axle is a swing axle with large bearing capacity and longer service life

reinforced frame. The front and rear frames are hinged and adopt double cone bearing positioning structure, which has stronger connection, more stable steering, large bearing capacity and long service life

key words 3: complete leakage prevention

double pump confluence hydraulic technology, high efficiency and energy saving; Imported high-pressure rubber hose is used for key parts, and the rubber hose is sealed with 24 ° cone and O-ring, which is completely leak proof and reliable

key word 4: thickened boom plate

Z-shaped linkage with optimized design, with large rising force, "he pointed out that the working efficiency is high, the bucket is automatically leveled, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced; Thicken the thickness of boom plate and tie rod from 46mm to 50mm

key words 5: high end sensor

adopts high-precision stepper motor combined instrument display; Adopt imported high-end sensors for data acquisition; Use can master 2: in case of oil leakage, monitor the important parameters of the engine with communication technology; The LCD display screen visually displays the fault code, accompanied by audible and visual alarm and prompt in time

keyword 6: remote management vigorously develop cold chain transportation

the whole vehicle harness adopts PA66 nylon bellows seamless protection to make the harness resistant to high temperature and corrosion. Through the dg-8000 remote management system, the functions of mechanical monitoring, safety management, mechanical maintenance, statistical list and so on can be realized remotely, so as to truly realize the remote management of equipment

luxury cab with wide vision, comfortable operation and good sealing

count the highlights of Degong 968h new loader frequently, and the field operation effect is unexpectedly good, which has been highly praised by customers. The 968h, which integrates the advantages of various high-quality models, condenses the core R & D strength of the German engineering technical team. Although it is low-key, it is difficult to hide its aura of high quality. Therefore, it is reasonable to be snapped up by discerning customers


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