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Development status of Tianjin modern high-tech textile industrial park

in the process of implementing the industrial strategy of moving eastward in Tianjin, a modern high-tech textile industrial park with an area of 184 hectares and an investment of 4.65 billion yuan has sprung up in Tianjin airport logistics processing zone. The high tech Textile Industrial Park has gathered more than 60 old textile enterprises in the city. Through re planning and layout, it has eliminated high pollution and high energy consumption equipment, improved the overall process level, and created a new mode of energy conservation, consumption reduction and innovative development for the textile industry in Tianjin. In the park, all assessment indicators of textile production have reached the domestic advanced level. The water consumption of enterprise equipment is 50% lower than that in the past; The power consumption per 100 meter cloth has been reduced from 18 degrees to 12 degrees; The new water intake of 10000 yuan output value has been reduced from 17 tons in the past to 9 tons now

the textile industry has always been the pillar industry of the city. In the past, more than 60 large and small textile factories were scattered on both banks of Haihe River in the urban area. On the one hand, these enterprises have similar processes and products, on the other hand, although the sparrow is small, it has all kinds of internal organs. Sewage plants, substations, chimneys, these energy consumption "big" every enterprise has. Facing the dilemma of economic development and environmental protection, the textile industry took advantage of the opportunity of industrial strategy moving eastward to gradually move these enterprises out of the urban area from september2003, re planned the textile industry layout in Tianjin Airport Logistics Processing Zone, and established a high-tech textile industrial park. By concentrating similar industries together, we can realize the rational use of resources. The high-tech textile industrial park has rebuilt a new enterprise according to different majors such as spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing and so on. In the past, each factory had its own substation, sewage treatment plant and boiler room. After the relocation and concentration of enterprises, one sewage treatment plant can solve all the problems. The power supply and gas supply systems are also centralized, which saves a lot of money in cost. Spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing and garment enterprises are all concentrated in the park, and the economic cycle in a region is quietly formed. Here, nearly ten processes of spinning are divided into independent workshops. Each workshop is connected together like a chain, and a new industrial and product chain is formed

the automatic unloading and moving of overload protection devices in textile enterprises is not a simple move of the factory location, but to achieve economic development through intensive and technological innovation, completely breaking the old holes of textile Chinese plastic machinery enterprises that have expanded the opening of emerging markets for extruders in recent years. The textile industry has backward technology, aging equipment, high pollution and high energy consumption. In the high-tech textile industrial park, 80% of the equipment and machines are newly introduced world-class equipment. In the process of moving eastward, pollution and energy consumption have become important indicators for textile enterprises to introduce equipment

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